Golden Age Spanish Sonnets


This is an ongoing project. Its primary purpose is to provide good verse translations of Golden Age Spanish sonnets to English-speaking readers. I hope that it may also serve to provide an online forum for the discussion of these works as well as a resource for anyone interested in delving further into the material.

What's new:

If you've been here before, it may seem like the site hasn't changed much, but in fact it has been completely revamped under the hood. A Flash player is no longer required for the commentaries, so check it out on your iPad!*

New commentaries have been added, including all of Góngora and most of Lope. I hope to get the rest of the commentaries completed soon.

*For optimal viewing of the commentaries on an iPad: the commentaries open in a separate window, which doesn't work on the iPad. To see both the poem and the commentary side by side, hold down on the commentary link and select "Open in new tab." This will bring up the commentary in a tab right next to the poem, so you can click back and forth.

What's here:

At this point I have 115 sonnets with translations posted. I have also included some links to other web sites. These always need to be updated, so please let me know if there's something I've missed.

Notes and commentaries for most (but not all, see above) of the sonnets. If commentary is available for a poem, a link to open it will be found near the bottom of the page displaying the poem. This will open a new window. These are not (nor are they intended to be) full commentaries, but rather notes reflecting the commentary process and at times referring to published commentary. These will be revised as time permits.

Bibliographies for each poet have also been posted! Again, let me know of any materials I may have missed.

What's not here... yet:

The materials listed below will be added as time permits.

  1. a thematic index
  2. an index of mythological allusions (coming soon!)
  3. links between poems
  4. additional notes and commentary on the poems and translations
  5. perhaps a general introduction to Golden Age Spanish poetry

And finally, an invitation:

Visitors to this site are invited to submit their own translations and/or commentary. Text files may be sent as e-mail messages or as attachments. I would also appreciate receiving links to any relevant poetry sites so I can include them on the links page.

E-mail submissions, questions, comments and suggestions to:

Alix Ingber
Professor Emerita of Spanish
Sweet Briar College

This site was last updated on January 25, 2012.