Francisco de Aldana


  1. Soneto XII - "¿Cuál es la causa, mi Damón..."
  2. Soneto XVII - "Mil veces digo..."
  3. Soneto XXX - "Otro aquí no se ve que..."
  4. Soneto XXXII - "Mil veces callo..."
  5. Soneto XXXIV - "En fin, en fin..."
  6. Al cielo - "Clara fuente de luz..."

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Aldana is one of the "minor" poets of the XVIth Century, but some of his sonnets are truly staggering. Click on the links below for further information and selections.
  1. Francisco de Aldana - page under development by Dr. A.M. Beresford at the University of Durham (UK). Includes links to sonnets (in Spanish) and a bibliography.

  2. Sonetos de Aldana - miniscule biography and some sonnets by Aldana, part of a selection of favorite poems by a professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Málaga. Spanish only.

  3. FRANCISCO DE ALDANA. (1532-1578) - Several sonnets posted. Spanish only.